Reimer’s Farm Service Ltd. Tycrop SmoothFlow Semi Trailer Wrap

At Sapphire Creative, no vehicle wrap project is too big! Projects such as this Tycrop Smoothflow Semi-Trailer Wrap for Reimer’s Farm Service. Sapphire Creative‘s in-house team custom designed this semi-truck wrap to showcase Reimer’s branding and services. A semi-truck trailer wrap is one of the most long-lasting and cost-effective ways to advertise your business.

“Think of semi-truck trailer wraps as a mobile billboard advertisement”

Traditional billboard advertising is stationary, only allowing those who pass by it to see it, often repeating to the same audience and never reaching a new audience. A semi-truck trailer wrap gets more views on a daily basis. With billboard advertising, usually only one side is viewed. With semi-trailer wraps, all sides of the semi-trailer gets seen, which means more views for your business, and often to new audiences, making an even greater impact for your business. Semi-truck trailer wraps can be fully customized, incorporating your business branding.

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